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About The Vegan Project

Since September 2009, we’ve been learning about veganism and documenting our experiences on our blog as we explore vegan cuisine, vegan fashion, vegan fitness and vegan restaurants in our hometown of Vancouver, BC.  We basically love everything to do with a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle.

We do not claim to be perfect vegans, rather people interested in doing our best to reduce our consumption of animal products while helping others explore veganism too.

If you’re interested in veganism, check out our first recipe ebook ‘Vegan Cooking at Home‘ for an introduction to the vegan lifestyle. It has everything you need to get started: a 7-day meal plan, shopping list, snack suggestions, nutrition tips and of course, recipes!

The Crew

Bridget Burns
Co-Founder|Managing Director|Writer 

Bridget Burns is a co-founder of The Vegan Project, writer, social media goddess and full-time vegan. You may recognize her from the critically acclaimed Ritz Crackers Holiday Commercial, though she remains low-key, slingin’ drinks at one of the coolest bars in Vancouver. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike without a helmet and drinking moderately-priced red wine.


Samantha Shorkey
Marketing & Advertising|Writer

Samantha Shorkey is a vegan fitness competitor (bikini division,) member of Team Plantbuilt, and author of ‘Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant-Based Fuel For Vegan Athletes‘. Growing up in a small hunting village just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, she became a vegetarian at the tender age of eight and went vegan in 2011. When she isn’t winning fitness competitions, Sam can be found nuzzling kittens’ noses, thrashing to death metal, shopping for useless crap online or watching the original Star Wars trilogy.


Zoe Peled
Events|Media Relations

Zoe is a Vancouver born-and-raised writer and marketing professional. She became a vegetarian when she was twelve, and has been vegan for (almost) four years. Her interests lie in breaking down some of the stereotypes around vegan food, people and culture. Introducing the many aspects of a vegan lifestyle to people through new partnerships, projects, groups and collaborations will help to dismantle some of these stereotypes.


Jessica Grajczyk

Jessica Grajczyk is co-founder of The Vegan Project and a full-time freelance copywriter. By day, she helps people who can’t write good find the words to sell their other redeeming qualities. By night, she battles with a haunting cheese addiction. She also tries to destroy the ‘writer with a drinking problem’ stigma (but if you’re buying, she’ll have bourbon on the rocks, please). Jessica has been experimenting with plant-based living for four years.



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