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The Vegan Project Challenge

Day 2 – Reflections and Clarifications-by jessica

into day 2 now of vegan september and i’m realizing that a few things need clarification.

first – i would like to emphasize that we are not trying to sell a particular product or commercial interest, but may talk about products we are trying or information we come across as we learn what veganism is all about. any links to websites belonging to such products are not an endorsement for you to buy them, but merely supplemental information.

second – i would like to reiterate that we have nothing against consumers of meat and other animal products. as a former meat eater, i know how tasty a hot, crispy buffalo wing is, dammit! and some people loooove a juicy steak, or a big plate of cheesy nachos.  some get very passionate about defending their right to eat these things, and that is their prerogative.  we’re not trying to pick fights with these people.  all we want to do is tell people that eating less animal products (try one animal product free meal a week, for example), can improve your health, reduce your impact on the planet, and maybe even affect the plight of animals treated poorly in the various animal product industries.  and you might even be surprised to learn that there are recipes out there that don’t use a single ounce of animal product, but are still incredibly tasty (i was once skeptical, too!).

today, Bridget made some delicious tomato rosemary scones that have been one of my favourite vegan recipes we’ve come across so far.  if you would like the recipe, i posted it on my other blog, with permission of the author, of course…  jessica

Day 1 – Reflections-by jessica & bridget

i feel highly irritable today.  not sure if it is because of the shitty cups of sub-par, sans cream coffee this morning, the beginning of the vegan september, or other factors in my life that are unavoidable and biological…being vegan was pretty easy today.  jen served up lentils and grilled veggies-the beets were amazing ;) came home and fed my cats a couple of chicken necks…they’re not vegan…we’ll discuss that later…bridget

i haven’t really noticed anything too different about being vegan yet, probably because i was pretty much a vegetarian before this.   i would have enjoyed some nice havarti in my sandwich today, but i must say it was pretty tasty.  i am fond of the Yves veggie salami, but i realize that eating fake meat is not the best thing to do since soy is one of the most over processed foods you can get.  also, Vegenaise is a nice mayo substitute.  i also missed cream in my coffee.

one thing i was surprised to find out while setting up The Vegan Project twitter account, is that there are a lot of other people out there in the vegan world, and not the usual hippie stereotypes either.

i would also like to point out that we realize that reading what other people are eating is not the most riveting thing in the world, so we will definitely keep this entertaining, and informative as well… jessica