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Tea Baggin’ with The Vegan Project

dandelion tea

All of us “socialites” here at The Vegan Project are admitted caffeine addicts.  In fact, as this very moment in blog writing history, Bridget and I (Sam) are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at a quaint, west end coffee shop.  Espressos, dark chocolate mochas, soy americanos, almond milk lattes, matcha, black, herbal or green tea– you name it, we’re all over it.

As you can imagine, we were especially excited to receive a variety of organic teas from our friends at Traditional Medicinals: the godfather of medicinal tea here in Canada!


Vegan Irish Cream

Nothing says Christmas like some Bailey’s and coffee or Bailey’s over ice, or on its own – really any way to consume that creamy whisky over the holidays is welcomed. When I went vegan, the absence of Irish cream definitely left a hole in my heart. That is, until our very talented Art Director Collin McDougall sent his version our way, which he adapted from Oh She Glows. It was delicious, and some might say, even better than original Bailey’s!