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Me + You Vegan Leather Bags and Giveaway!

As you may know, trying to live a vegan-friendly lifestyle does not just concern food. Ethical choices can extend to beauty products, fashion and accessories.  Finding sexy, stylish, and eco-friendly bags to tote our unmentionables around town can sometimes be a struggle, so when Me + You Reusable Bags released their line of Vegan Leather/Cotton Canvas Totes, we were excited to say the least!


Me + You Reusable Shopping Bags


Me + You Fruit + Veg Reusable Bags


The Vegan Project recently met a lovely young lady named Jenny Hughes, creator of Me + You reusable shopping bags.  Jenny could be considered a pioneer on the reusable bag front, since her first project, BYOB, launched in 2005, before everyone else  jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon.  Her recognition of the need in the market for fashionable, earth-friendly shopping bags landed her tons of media coverage, including features in Teen Vogue and Fashion Magazine.

Jenny’s new project, Me + You, features unique and stylish bags made of organic and natural cotton (and animal product free, of course).  Each bag series is limited edition and made in Vancouver, featuring designs by local artists.  Another great feature is the cute little detachable charm on each Me + You bag made of recycled wood from Jenny’s dad’s shop.

Me + You’s latest additions include a yoga bag with a recycled plastic liner for sweaty yoga clothes, and a line of reusable produce bags that can be purchased separately, or conveniently hooked onto the large bags so you never have to worry about forgetting them at home when you go to the grocery store (I know we often do).

Special Offer for Vegan Project Readers!

Jenny is offering all Vegan Project readers free shipping!  If you’re interested in ordering the fruit & vegetable bags, click here and enter the coupon code ‘freeship’ at the checkout.

These earth friendly, fashionable bags are definitely something The Vegan Project can get behind.  Check ‘em out at

Help Jenny get to the one million mark in her petition to Stop Using Plastic Bags!