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UNFI Market – Guest Post from [in the oven] bakery!

We’ve recently discovered one of Vancouver’s many hidden gems. This one takes place every Saturday in south Van. It is the Natural Foods Market put on by UNFI.

UNFI is Canada’s leading distributor of natural, organic, specialty and kosher groceries. They usually cater to larger companies, but on Saturday mornings they open their doors to the public and let us take advantage of their great products. An even bigger incentive is the amazing markdowns they offer. Because they are putting out near expiring foods they can sell them at such low costs. They have a wide selection, ranging from produce to frozen to bath and skincare. Almost all of which are organic. While not everything is vegan, there are lots to browse, including vegan cheeses, milks, faux meat products and more.

We’ve included a list of what we bought this previous week comparing them to the same products at Whole Foods. The numbers speak for themselves! Now, keep in mind that products do change every week so you can’t depend on it for your weekly grocery shop. Nevertheless, we think this is half the fun. We love discovering new products and taking advantage of the discounts in order to try something we might not have been willing to pay for in Whole Foods.

Now, onto the savings!

PRODUCT                                     UNFI COST   WF COST

Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roast       $20.00          $21.99

Earth Balance                               $9.00             $11.99

Free & Clear Dish Soap                   $3.75             $4.69

Alba Body Wash                             $2.50             $10.49

Hemp Bliss Milk                             $2.00             $3.99

Maison Orhpee Grapeseed Oil          $5.00            $9.99

Oasis Orange Juice                         $2.00              $4.99

Vegenaise                                     $6.00              $5.99

2 Medium Firm Tofu                       $2.00             $3.98

Bluesky Natural Root Beer              $4.50             *Not at WF

TOTAL                                          $52.25             $81.10

SAVING = $28.75

So we saved just over $28.00 on some really great organic, vegan products. We do realize that this is a bit out of the way for most people, but we believe the savings are worth it! We’ve included a few pictures of the other great products you can pick up there as well. New products are always popping up as well so if you have time this Saturday, check it out and see what great deals you can find!

UNFI Saturday Market


Unit 153 – 12757 Vulcan Way, Richmond

Sami & Erica

To order Sami & Erica’s delicious baked goods, visit [in the oven] bakery for more information.

~The Vegan Project

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